Affinity Space Presentation

Affinity Space Presentation


2 thoughts on “Affinity Space Presentation

  1. Hi Ben,

    Excellent delivery. It was very easy to listen and pay attention throughout the entire presentation. I like that you chose a space that was practical to your interests and needs. The library analogy was a good take. Sadly, it sounds like it’s become a ghost town socially. So many spaces reach the same fate. The idea may be great and the initial content useful but they never mature into a living, breathing community. Were there active moderators still on space?
    I completely understand the desire to maintain a minimal digital footprint. I’m the same way.
    It’s good that you highlight poster credibility as an issue. Maybe including work/advice from verified SMEs would have lent credibility to the site and engaged members. Did you come away with any specifics that might have lead this community to success? Or notice any specific structural things that lead to it’s downfall?
    Thanks for sharing!

    – Paul


  2. Ben,
    It’s too bad you didn’t have a really good experience. However, you gave the site a very systematic and reflective evaluation of its affinity space. You were able to draw parallels and insights from Gee and Hayes, even through your limited interactions within the space. I think you did the best with what you had and made it into a very reflective piece of research. Maybe you should start your own hub of teacher knowledge? Or, you could search for one with more active people. Maybe a FB page? The one I belong to, TAB, is very active, though it has nothing to do with games and learning. Have you taken INTE5665? Or are you going to? You could develop it for this.

    You did a great job tying the space and your experience to other articles we’ve read, both Jenkins and Peppler/Kafai, and created a really positive way of looking at a not so helpful experience. Well done. I agree with your premises about this site having a lot of unused potential. I found a similar experience in another class with my Networked Learning Space – Lots of people looked but rarely commented.
    All in all a solid presentation, well-constructed, and thoughtful. I wonder if you could have changed a bit more of the back ground at times, though, to make it pop a little more? What do you think? It’s an aesthetics thing (Visual art teacher ) but I think it might make it even more interesting to watch as it was to listen. What do you think it would take to revive this site?

    Again, well done presentation, and thanks for giving me another teacher site to get lost in.


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