Affinity Space Reflection

After consistently sporadic involvement with my affinity space,, I have found more and more enjoyment and value in the diversity of topics, varied perspectives and real world lessons and resources that are available through the site.  The content is near addicting due to the contributions coming primarily from other classroom educators.  Many of whom share similar issues and interests, but each person brings their own individualized skills and strategies to the group..  It is easy to go down the rabbit hole in perusing different topics and trends.  At first impression, the breadth of content was a concern of mine due to the scarcity of responses to some threads.  This has transitioned into opportunities for involvement in the various discussion groups. is a true community with participants lending support and advice in reference to difficult situations and sharing in accomplishments and successes.  The toxicity that plagues other affinity spaces is absent from this network.  The culture is more of a support group than any individual or group attempting to exert dominance or status..  It can best be summed up as teachers teaching teachers.

The only criticism is still the lack of depth with some threads.  There appears to be a shared mentality among many members that a single response to a post is sufficient in addressing the posters query.  This is occasionally the case, but often further exploration is warranted and in many discussions this development is lacking.

Teachers inherently want to share  knowledge and is the digital embodiment of this notion.


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